2017 Jul 16

Updating Google Dynamic DNS on dd-wrt

After being worn down by confirmation emails, I switched to Google Domains since they include dynamic DNS support with a domain purchase. Google DDNS was easy to set up on my ASUS RT-AC68U with its built-in support. However recently my router was mistakenly bringing down my connection due to DHCP issues so I immediately switched to dd-wrt. Everything about dd-wrt is great... except it has no built-in support for Dynamic DNS over HTTPS/SSL which Google Domains requires!

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2017 Jan 13

Running Arch Linux on a Surface 3

I run Arch Linux on all of my computers (except the tragedy of the 12" Macbook) so using Windows on my Surface 3 created issues. Mostly, it was hard to view and edit OneNote files across my devices. I wanted to use Xournal, an open-source note-taking app, which runs natively on GNU/Linux.

Here are the steps I followed to get Arch up and running:

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2016 Sep 21

Using CNNs To Understand Yelp Users Reviews

Unstructured text is hard to process and understand in large amounts. Typically this section of the data set is passed over in favor quantitative questions like "Rate your service on a scale from 1 to 5." Let's see if the world-famous deep networks can come to the rescue.

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